The lighter side of load shedding

1 February 2008

It doesn’t take long for the jokes to start circulating in the midst of any scandal or crisis, and Eskom’s load shedding is no different. Two pictures arrived in the DA’s inbox this week – one, a Nando’s ad poking fun in their inimitable style; the other, a rather sceptical (even cynical) look ahead to 2010. Obviously, the DA is fully behind South Africa’s hosting of the World Cup in 2010, but you can’t help laughing in the dark, can you?




  1. […] consulting with one of our spokespersons, I decided to include a “Lighter side of load shedding” on our new blog. I created a Humour category, and posted a couple of humorous pics on […]

  2. Playing soccer in the dark with flash lights would actually be really fun. Like… a guy comes running up behind you and you flash the light in his eyes, then switch of your lights quickly (so its all dark around you) and trip him while the ref can’t see. 🙂

  3. […] Lighter side – an ad and a movie parody Our first ‘Lighter side of load shedding’ post included a Nandos ad – they can always be relied […]

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