The Lighter side – an ad and a movie parody

29 February 2008

Our first ‘Lighter side of load shedding’ post included a Nandos ad – they can always be relied upon to seize an opportunity. This week we received a e-pamphlet from Dial Direct – perhaps a little late, considering there has been far less load shedding over the last couple of weeks:

Dial Direct Ad

Have you seen any other ads making light of load shedding? Please let us know about them.

Our second pic for the week is a blockbuster movie poster parody on the electricity crisis. Have a look at Alec Erwin’s Ace hairstyle 🙂

Load shedding movie poster parody



  1. Just read with interest DA’s flyer POWER TO THE PEOPLE which is put together well. I am wondering, are you going to distribute this flyer in one or more of the other official languages (Zulu, Xhosa, etc.) to reach the larger part of the population with this vital information, especially about the incompetence of our government and Eskom? They need to know that there is something beyond the ANC!

  2. The DA is very aware of the fact that the messages pertaining to the ANC’s total incompetence in respect of the electricity crisis should reach all South Africans. We will in due course consider printing the pamphlet in some of the other official languages and have them widely distributed. We expect more load shedding, or just commonly known as black-outs, particularly during the forthcoming winter and might just use that opportunity to drive home the message contained in the pamphlet.

  3. Too bad the movie poster people can’t spell “its”. They used “it is”

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