Load shedding News – Eskom Bonuses, development stoppages and the minister’s salary

11 March 2008


The Democratic Alliance has slammed the proposal that shares to the possible value of R10m be awarded to Eskom management.

DA spokesperson on public enterprises Manie van Dyk said the awarding of such shares would be outrageous, given that South Africans were bearing the brunt of extreme negligence on the part of Eskom management.

Van Dyk would be writing to the Minister of Public Enterprises and the chief executive officer of Eskom in an effort to prevent these bonuses from being paid out.

“This money should rather be diverted into Eskom’s coal procurement or capital expansion plan.”

A lack of planning has seen massive rolling blackouts sweeping across South Africa, and the economy being hit because big industry it cannot reach its production targets. Citizens have also been trapped in lifts and in huge traffic jams amid periodic shortages of electricity.

An group calling itself the Powergroup has started an online petition to stop Eskom from paying bonuses. Click here to sign the petition.

DA presses Eskom CEO about development stoppage

Earlier in the week, the party questioned Eskom’s proposals to impose a six month moratorium on all new construction projects, in contradiction to Cabinet’s statement in January 2008 declaring there would be no stoppage of contracted projects.

Van Dyk said that the Democratic Alliance had written to Eskom CEO Jacob Maroga, to probe the extent of Eskom’s consultations with relevant stake-holders or whether Eskom, by ordering the stoppage, made another unilateral decision such as was levelled at the mining industry.

The DA also called for an independent inquiry into whether Eskom conducted any impact assessment on the effect the moratorium on growth, industry and employment.

DA calls for Erwin’s salary to be reduced to a symbolic 1c per annum Last Tuesday, the DA proposed a motion in parliament calling for Minister of Public Enterprises Alec Erwin’s salary be reduced to a symbolic 1c per annum.

This was “to illustrate our extreme lack of confidence in him, even as the government continues to allow him to dither, deny and deflect in the face of South Africa’s raging energy crisis,” said Manie van Dyk. Having continuously assessed the Minister’s performance as the Eskom crisis had unravelled, it had become increasingly apparent that the Minister should be held politically accountable for his inadequate handling of South Africa’s energy crisis, the party said.



  1. Let Eskom be treated as any other business. Where the boss fails and takes his/her senior staff with him/her, they must be fired – with no regress to any body. No bonuses. no increments, no benefits.
    An independent new senior appointment has to be made – if necessary an import from overseas who understands the business and who will surround him/herself with competent and qualified staff for the business to be run correctly and efficiently, including with foresight.
    This must be done immediately and save us any more costs. The country cannot afford what is happening, more especially those who cannot afford to buy alternate sources of power. They have been cheated.

  2. The damage is done and due to the Governments short sightedness we are experiencing load shedding in this country. But to pay the upper management bonuses for non-performing is unacceptable. When is the Government going to take action and show that incompetence in one ‘s job means immediate dismisal. I agree with Naomi get professionals who have pride in their job and the people of this great country at heart.

  3. […] question on Eskom Bonuses A couple of weeks ago, we highlighted the issue of Eskom senior staff being paid huge bonuses despite the energy crisis […]

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