Lighter side: Load shedding April Fool’s joke

1 April 2008

We normally provide a lighter look at load shedding on Fridays, but today being April 1, we thought we’d make an exception. The Mail & Guardian Online chose load shedding for its April Fool’s joke this year. It announces that Eskom will be instituting “even more extreme power cuts” from today.

The shock development, which will be known as sector-sharing, will see the country divided into four vertical zones, each spanning many thousands of square kilometres.

According to the story, Eskom will only be able to provide electricity to three out of four zones during peak demand times.

For those initially taken in by the story, there’s an easier clue towards the end:

Said Maroga: ‘A plague of rats has moved in at Koeberg and gnawed the generator cables. Government has implemented an extermination policy, but it will take time before the rodents have been eliminated.’

And if you’re still taken in after that, “Sector-sharing starts countrywide on April 1, said Maroga, adding: ‘Eskom advises all consumers not to be foolish, but to save electricity where they can.’

Pity M&G doesn’t allow readers to comment on stories on their site. It would be amusing to see whether anyone got taken in, and what clever things those that caught on might have had to say.


A quick update: The Mail & Guardian Online did a follow-up on their April Fool’s Day story after midday (the traditional cut-off for such pranks) yesterday. Besides pointing out the folly of falling for their foolish story, it sums up other April Fool’s stories from the media in South Africa and around the world, including one from Beeld that also took a load shedding angle on the day.


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