Parliamentary question on daylight saving as a means of saving energy

20 May 2008

DA environmental affairs spokesperson Gareth Morgan asked the following question about daylight saving as a means of conserving energy during peak periods:

Mr. G Morgan (DA) to ask the Minister of Minerals and Energy:

Whether a study has been done to assess the viability of instituting a daylight saving; if not, why not; if so what are the relevant details .

Whether there is any intention to institute daylight saving; if not why not; if so () when will it be instituted and (b) what are the cost implications of such an initiative.

This is the minister’s reply:

Studies were conducted on daylight savings, in 1986 by CSIR and ESKOM did a study in 2006. The conclusions of the studies was that there will not be any significant impact on the energy consumption, either in the reduction on the peak demand or reduction on the base-load power, as a result of introduction of daylight saving.  It is accepted that the studies are now dated and as such a need for a new study has been identified.

The current position may be reconsidered if the new study by Eskom, which has been commissioned by the Department of Public Enterprises, recommends such. This will take into account attendant potential socio-economic impacts on a national scale and provide a cost-benefit analysis.  This study is expected to be completed by June 2008.


One comment

  1. it’s a lot cheaper to run a million light globes than a million airconditioners

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