DA praises public private wind energy initiative

3 June 2008

The Democratic alliance last week praised the Darling Wind Farm as an excellent example of how public-private partnerships – a key component of the DA’s vision of an Open Opportunity Society For All – can lead to greater investment in the energy sector.

“The role of the private sector in an Open Opportunity Society is to both complement and support the state through the provision of expertise and funding,” said DA minerals and energy spokeperson Hendrik Schmidt. “The state is then the facilitator of opportunities and not the sole provider.”

He also said that the Darling Wind Farm was the first renewable energy initiative in South Africa to produce electricity from wind and sell it on a commercial basis.

“The City of Cape Town has signed a power purchase agreement for the next twenty years with the Darling Wind Farm.”



  1. What no-one has commented on is how much Cape Town has agreed to pay for the power it purchases, and how little power will actually be produced by this noble experiment. From what I can make out, it will average about 800kW if it is lucky, 600kW if it’s not, and the cost per kWh will be around R3.50-R4.20, or about 20-25 times the sent-out power cost of Eskom. Add to that the fact that the life of the wind turbines in that particular location must be suspect, and you have a lot of money being poured at very little delivery. The PBMR seems cheap in comparison!

  2. DA Spokesperson – Minerals and Energy says:

    “A price is unfortunately to be paid for the development and introduction of renewable energy – at least in the initial stages. The cost will unfortunately remain high until it is in fact purchased on a bigger scale and technology develops.”

    I say:

    I personally think it’s great that the City of Cape Town and the DA are supporting alternative energy like wind and solar power. It’s clean, safe and environmentally friendly. I don’t really care if it might be more expensive than coal or nuclear. In the long run it can only benefit us all and we should be greatful that the DA are taking this bold step. It’s a far more sensible option than building nuclear power plants all over our beautiful country like the ANC/Eskom is doing. Do I really want to take a chance at one of them blowing up due to mismanaging – mismanaging and incompetence that is clearly visible by looking at Eskom and Koeberg.

    We all should do our bit for the environment instead of trying to slow down the people who are. If I had cash lying around, I would also be building wind farms and support the initiative. It’s working for other countries and we can surely learn something from them in this regard.

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