Energy Crisis was foreseen

16 September 2009

eskom-logoRemember the rolling blackouts and load shedding we experienced at the beginning of 2008? It was the reason we set up this blog.

Well, it turns out that Eskom got expert analysis six months before pointing out the rampant mismanagement and incapacity at Eskom’s Generation Primary Energy (GPE) – responsible for keeping the (coal) fires burning.

The DA received a copy of a confidential memo spelling out all the problems at GPE.

The DA has subsequently also called for a formal inquiry into Eskom’s management. We also tried to table the memo in Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises and ask Eskom CEO Jacob Maroga about it, but the chairperson of the committee, Vytjie Mentor (ANC), refused to accept the document and shielded Maroga from answering questions on the matter.

And then Eskom management wonder why people get upset when Maroga gets a 27% salary increase.


One comment

  1. Well, there you have it – even Gospell has seen the light and decided to leave Eskom to the Dark.

    Next thing we will have even more rot at Eskom which has become unmanageable – 41 late reports to the Board in 12 months by the Exco – so who is actually doing any work at Eskom?

    We need a commission of enquiry fast. Bring out your vote now please and distribute to everybody – we need at least 1000 votes!



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