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Energy News – Regional Electricity Distributors should be scrapped

17 June 2008

DA minerals and energy spokesperson Hendrik Schmidt issued a statement last Tuesday reiterating the DA’s call that Regional Electricity Distributers (REDs) should be scrapped. You might recall a previous video post about why RED 1 failed.

Similar problems again surfaced during a electricity distribution maintenance summit last week. South African Local Government Association revealed an estimated R25 billion maintenance backlog, largely due to the uncertainty around the establishment of the REDs.

Said Schmidt, “Billions in maintenance backlogs is yet another reason why REDs must be done away with. It is evident that urgent maintenance in distribution networks is needed before the whole electricity sector collapses.”

He added that the Democratic Alliance had advocated the introduction of a well-defined Distribution Charter, which would spell out the full functions and standards expected of electricity service providers.

“In addition to this, greater authority must be placed with the electricity regulator to both monitor and enforce compliance with the Distribution Charter,” Schmidt concluded.


DA praises public private wind energy initiative

3 June 2008

The Democratic alliance last week praised the Darling Wind Farm as an excellent example of how public-private partnerships – a key component of the DA’s vision of an Open Opportunity Society For All – can lead to greater investment in the energy sector.

“The role of the private sector in an Open Opportunity Society is to both complement and support the state through the provision of expertise and funding,” said DA minerals and energy spokeperson Hendrik Schmidt. “The state is then the facilitator of opportunities and not the sole provider.”

He also said that the Darling Wind Farm was the first renewable energy initiative in South Africa to produce electricity from wind and sell it on a commercial basis.

“The City of Cape Town has signed a power purchase agreement for the next twenty years with the Darling Wind Farm.”


Load shedding news – End electricity theft to relieve burden on citizens

23 April 2008

Curbing electricity theft would greatly ease pressure on the national grid, said the Democratic Alliance last Thursday.

“The amount of electricity that Eskom loses to illegal connections and other forms of theft equates to almost 10 percent of national demand,” said DA public enterprises spokesman Manie van Dyk. “This is the very same margin by which the electricity utility is asking the public to reduce its consumption”.

Van Dyk said a report showed that losses incurred through electricity theft and non-payment amounted to 3,690 MW.

“This exceeds Eskom’s goal of a permanent peak hour saving of 3,000 MW.” Read the rest of this entry ?


Why RED 1 Failed

16 April 2008

In a follow-up question at last week’s press conference, a journalist asked about the failure of RED 1 (the first Regional Electricity Distribution agency) in Cape Town, and what the DA’s views were about restructuring the distribution of electricity. This is what DA minerals and energy spokesperson Hendrik Schmidt had to say:

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Videocast – DA Press conference on Eskom Restructuring

10 April 2008

The Democratic Alliance on Monday released a discussion document on Electricity Sector Reform – expanding on one of the longer-term proposals in our previous document proposing solutions to the energy crisis.

Below is a video excerpt of Hendrik Schmidt’s press conference, in which he sums up the key points of the document:

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Load shedding news – more on Eskom bonuses and the poor condition of power stations

8 April 2008

The Democratic Alliance last week accused minister of public enterprises and Eskom executives of evasive tactics following statements from Eskom and the department of public enterprises indicating that the question of bonus shares for Eskom executives was yet to be decided.

“As such, the Democratic Alliance calls on Minister of Public Enterprises Alec Erwin to make a clear and unambiguous statement that the bonuses will not be paid,” said DA public enterprises spokesperson Manie van Dyk.  Click here to read more >>

The DA also wrote to Eskom asking for clarity on a number of issues, not least of which was whether Eskom had implemented pre-emptive load shedding in an urgent attempt to recondition poorly-maintained plants ahead of peak winter demand. This followed two shock announcements from the power utility regarding the questionable condition of power plants and the stoppage of certain projects if Eskom’s 60 percent tariff hike application was rejected. Click here to read more >>


Load shedding News – DA reacts to 60 percent tariff hike proposal

25 March 2008

The Democratic Alliance last Wednesday renewed its call for an independent inquiry into Eskom, in the wake of the announcement of Eskom’s call for a 60% nominal tariff hike last week.

“The DA shares the public’s outrage over revelations that Eskom has requested a 60 percent hike in electricity tariffs,” the party’s public enterprises spokesperson Manie van Dyk said.

“Industry and the greater public, already struggling with rising fuel and food prices amid mounting inflation, are now faced with the possibility of this massive hike in electricity prices.”

“It is seven times higher than inflation and will put upward pressure on both inflation and interest rates.” Read the rest of this entry ?