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Video – Helen Zille endorses Earth Hour

9 March 2009

Helen Zille responds to an open letter on the energy crisis

7 February 2008

Helen Zille

Paul Jacobson wrote an open letter to DA Leader Helen Zille about the energy crisis on Wired Gecko last Friday. While he has had feedback from her office on the matter already, we thought Shedding Light would be the ideal platform from which to respond publicly.

Dear Paul

Thank you for the constructive suggestions towards solving the energy crisis. At this time, public discussion and creative solutions are much needed and appreciated.

Rest assured, the Democratic Alliance is doing all that is possible to provide solutions to alleviate the burden imposed on all South Africans by the crisis. To this end, we have presented to government a comprehensive plan that proposes short, medium and long term solutions, centred on three key areas: diversifying South Africa’s energy resources, reducing consumption and improving Eskom’s performance. Read the rest of this entry ?


Turning the lights on in our children’s future

1 February 2008

Helen ZilleDA leader Helen Zille, writing in SA Today this week, relates the current electricity crisis, as well as other potential infrastructure problems, to the skills shortages faced by the state, and the economy more generally.

The long term solution to ensuring our children’s future in a thriving economy supported by adequate infrastructure, Zille maintains, is excellent education. Please click here to read more.