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We need to end Eskom’s monopoly over electricity supply

13 February 2008

Hendrik Schmidt MPEskom’s monopoly over electricity supply is one of the main causes of South Africa’s electricity crisis. The permanent solution to our energy future lies in dismantling this monopoly. Until independent power producers (IPPs) are allowed to enter the market to expand and diversify the sources of power we have access to, and until we are relieved of the burden of having to rely on Eskom’s outdated and dilapidated processes and infrastructure, local demand for electricity will continue to exceed supply.

The Democratic Alliance will, in the coming Parliamentary session, pursue all available policy and legislative avenues to dismantle Eskom’s monopoly as the sole purchaser of electricity in South Africa. This move would see IPPs either being able to feed into the national grid, or to feed power directly to consumers, thereby reducing pressure on Eskom’s generation capacity. Read the rest of this entry ?